Air infiltration
By adjusting air filtration which occurs when outdoor air leaks into the home through openings in the building. This phenomenon often occurs due to wind, but is also caused by air pressure differences between the interior and exterior of a structure.

Duct sealing and repair
Sealing air ducts, which can account 20% of heat loss. Using fiber re-inforced mastic, sealing by passes (cracks, gaps, holes), around doors windows, pipes and wiring that penetrates thru ceiling and floors, and other areas with high potential of heat loss to reduce air filtration.

Windows are one of your prime sources of heat gain and air leakage. This can be improved by retrofitting old windows with a stop or parting beads across the sill where it meets the sash. Replacing older windows with low- energy, double glazed windows.

Door weather stripping is critical for thermal comfort and overall energy efficiency in any building. It increases comfort, lower utility bills, and reduces noise inside the building. An example of weatherizing door can we replacing old drafty doors with tightly sealed, foam and core doors, or installing weather strips which can be made of vinyl, rubber, or poly foam; rubber and vinyl tubing and metal such as brass and aluminum.